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Leadership in Beta Alpha Psi

"The vast majority of business executives will tell you “networking” is a significant component of entering a career and eventually moving on to higher-level jobs and successful careers.

For several decades, the network that you need to learn about all of the above starts with on campus student organizations. This was and still is where you will learn (before being offered a job) what potential employers seek from you, the student and soon to be a job seeker. Stated alternatively, networking is a significant component in securing entry-level job offers and promotions thereafter.

Beta Alpha Psi will be celebrating 100 Years of facilitating connections between job seekers and job providers. Regardless of your major, it has been and will continue to be one of the preeminent organizations that link students and jobs." 

- Professor William Wells, University of Washington(Retired), Past Beta Alpha Psi Board Member and Director at Large, 2005-2008

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Run weekly meetings

  • Create agenda for officer meetings

  • Create sense of community for members

  • Get to know each officer 1:1

  • Finalize speakers each semester

  • Prepare travel arrangements with Treasurer

  • Read and stay up to date on emails and posts from the Executive Office


  • Oversee Best Practices

    • Prepare abstracts and review presentations

    • Review upcoming deadlines and competition guidelines and plan accordingly

  • Work with Director of Professional Programming to plan events in advance (food, logistics, etc.)

  • Prepare room for weekly professional meetings for the semester

  • Schedule Alumni events

  • Create sense of community for members​

  • Gold chapter video (if applicable)


  • Input information into the Executive Office Reporting Intranet

  • Take attendance at weekly meetings (or ensure attendance is being taken)

  • Maintain accurate individual and chapter wide community service and professional participation points for entire chapter

  • Answer questions about types of activities that qualify for professional/community service points

  • Ensure chapter compliance with the Executive Office Program for Chapter Activities (PCA)

  • Due Dates: Beginning of Year Report (October 15), Mid-Year Report (December 15), End of Year Report (June 1)

  • Maintain current candidate and membership rosters​


  • Take minutes at weekly meetings (or ensure minutes are being taken)

  • Take notes at weekly meetings to be shared with candidates, members, and officers

  • Make an necessary changes to the chapter bylaws that are voted on

  • Ensure chapter compliance with the National Office


  • Invoice firms (as needed)

  • Deposits (from companies and Executive Office) on a timely basis

  • Process member payments within 60 days of records being entered into the Reporting Intranet

  • Process any payments for chapter. Chapter maintenance fee is due on October 15.

  • Oversee QuickBooks or other accounting software chapter is using

  • Find additional funding for chapter with Director of Fundraising (as needed)​


  • Schedule DEI Meetings


  • ​Communicate and build relationships with members (new and existing)

  • Field questions from new candidates

  • Host event for new candidates

  • Keep Candidate Packets up to date

  • Keep track of hours for new candidates and share with Reporting officer

  • Be the main point of contact for new candidates

  • Prepare Initiation with Vice President and Director of Professional Programing

  • Send email to new candidates to inform them how many hours they need to be initiated/how they may obtain those hours


  • ​Connect the chapter together (through weekly meetings, community service and outside events and activities)

  • Schedule semi-annual plant tours

  • Work with Vice President to plan events in advance (food, logistics, etc.)

  • Send thank you cards to firms after meetings

  • Brainstorm and implement new events for your chapter to engage members who may not feel included

  • Host ‘Accounting Career Panel’ event, maintain relationship with recruiters and professional partner organizations​​


  • ​Coordinate community service events and work with Public Relations/Social Media officer to share information to chapter

  • Serve as the primary contact for community service liaisons

  • Update tutor lab hours for the semester

  • Communicate with chapter frequently to ensure everyone has enough service opportunities to fulfill the hours requirement

  • Report service hours to Reporting officer


  • Contact all kinds of possible sponsors to get funding support for the club

  • Run blue book fundraising at the beginning of the semester

  • Brainstorm with other officers about possible ways or events that could be profitable

  • Create and manage the schedule of fundraising events and involve participation from members and officers

  • Attend ASI finance meeting with the Treasurer and President

  • Work with the treasurer to go through the paperwork to get funding or reimbursement for club events from ASI


  • Send emails to chapter

  • Put up promotional materials for all upcoming events and make sure that bulletin board posts are up to date

  • Brainstorm and implements social, service and professional events

  • Update website and social media regularly (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Create and maintain monthly calendar ​


  • Coordinate social events and work with Public Relations/Social Media officer to share information to chapter

  • Serve as the primary contact for social activity liaisons

  • Plan BAP Olympics with assistance of other officers

  • Communicate with chapter frequently to ensure everyone feels included in events

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