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Guidelines for Business Casual and Professional Attire


Beta Alpha Psi is a professional organization. As such, members and candidates are expected to dress appropriately for meetings aimed at professional development. For technical presentations, dress code is business casual, though business professional is welcomed and encouraged. Your attire should play a supporting role to your conduct, your interpersonal skills, and your ability to articulate intelligent and well thought out responses to questions. Some general expectations include:


  • Clothing should be conservative in color, pressed, and neat in appearance

  • Undergarments should not be visible

  • Ensure that clothes do not have lint, dangling threads, open seams, missing buttons, etc.

  • Shoes should be clean and polished

  • Keep perfumes and colognes mild, or avoid altogether

  • Body piercings and tattoos should not be visible

  • Hats are not appropriate

  • Hair should be clean and neat

  • Fingernails should be clean.

  • Fresh breath is always good – however, use a mint rather than gum

  • Backpacks are acceptable at events

Business Casual

    • Skirts and dresses should reach knee length

    • Dress pants should be worn when wearing pants.  Belts should be worn when appropriate.

    • Khakis are acceptable but not recommended.

    • No Capri pants or pants that reach mid-calf.

    • No jeans or denim of any color.  No shorts or skorts.

  • TOPS

    • Shirts should be neatly tucked.  Do not roll up your sleeves

    • Males-presenting individuals should wear shirts with collars.  Golf shirts are acceptable

    • Males-presenting individuals should wear undershirts under dress shirts.  Be sure the undershirt is in good condition.

    • No sleeveless shirts of any kind (spaghetti straps, capped sleeves, etc.).

    • No shirts that overly expose the chest. This applies to everyone.

    • No t-shirts, flannel shirts, sweatshirts, or athletic shirts.


    • Males-presenting individuals should be clean-shaven or have neatly groomed facial hair. Regular hair cuts are encouraged.


Business Professional​
  • Male-presenting individuals should wear full suit with matching jacket and pants with black belt

  • Male-presenting individuals should wear pressed, collared shirt with plain (solid, stripe, or simple pattern) tie

  • Female-presenting individuals should wear matching black skirt or pant suit, other neutral colors (dark gray, navy, brown)

  • Dark leather dress shoes and dark dress socks or  panty-hose and closed-toe shoes (pumps, flats, heels)

  • Make-up should be minimal and conservative (daytime makeup)

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